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Product Availability and Price


Unless stated otherwise, the merchandise displayed on this web site may differ from merchandise available at Camp Trailz formerly ASG Outdoor Products in-store location(s). The price displayed on the web site may differ from Camp Trailz and/or ASG Outdoor Products price for the same item sold as in-store merchandise.  One reason in-store pricing may vary from on-line pricing can be due to minimum on line pricing agreements we have with manufactures.  If you desire information for in-store pricing, please contact us and we will be glad to provide this information. We also offer competitive price matching and in many cases are able to beat competitor prices.  In cases of price matching or beating competitor pricing, we reserve the right to gather verification information to confirm such pricing.  Please contact us regarding potential competitive price matching options.

We make every effort to ensure availability and stock of items sold on the web site, in-store, as well as through the products manufacturer or distributor; however, due to sales transactions occurring in-store as well as on this web site we can not guarantee that items ordered on the web site will be immediately available for delivery or in-store pickup.  For this reason there may be delays in product in-store availability, pick up and shipping.  Items not in stock in our store(s) at the time of order may be shipped directly from the manufacturer or our distributors which may cause delays in shipping up to 7 days.  Customers should please contact us via phone or e-mail to make arrangements for in-store pickup.